What We Do

What We Do?

The Purple Heart Integration Project is developing “America’s Purple Heart City” in Georgetown Texas. Together we are developing programs with corporate partners to provide career & life skills training.  The grounds, buildings, and homes are being designed and adapted to meet the special needs of our wounded warriors.  The grounds will provide additional sustenance through the vegetable gardens tended by the residents.  We are building a state of the art pool and fitness facility for our residents.  The event center will provide the opportunity for our resident veterans to participate in the production and operation of hosted events, while generating revenue for the program. Many of the structures, facilities and features will be developed through our “Design Challenge”. 

Since September 11, 2001, more than 40,000 armed services members have been “wounded in action. The Purple Heart Integration Project is focused on our returning heroes with significant physical impairments. This community is designed to meet their special needs, and assist them.


Our vision is simple. We want every Purple Heart Veteran to feel supported and encouraged during their transition back to civilian life and able to thrive in their new mission.


Our mission is to create a community with homes, event and training center, vegetable gardens, pool & rehabilitation building, and a memorial park for our veterans.

What is most important to veterans is actions rather than words… They don’t need fanfare; they need tools and resources to help them transition successfully back to civilian life.

Tedd “Gunny” Weiser
Iraq war veteran & Purple Heart recipient

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