Our Foundation

Established to Help our Wounded Heroes


To provide sustainable housing, training, and community integration to our nations wounded warriors.

We provide adapted housing

We provide career training

We physical rehabilitation

Local community Support

Purple heart integration project

By each of us doing our part, together we can provide adapted housing, career training, and more to many of our wounded warriors who have sacrificed so much for our country. Individuals, communities, service providers, and building trade suppliers are empowered through the PHIProject.org to give back to wounded warriors in a sustainable, life-changing, and meaningful way.

What is most important to veterans is actions rather than words… They don’t need fanfare; they need tools and resources to help them transition successfully back to civilian life.

Tedd “Gunny” Weiser
Iraq war veteran & Purple Heart recipient


The PHIP is a full reintegration community that provides curriculum, pride and confidence to our wounded veterans

To raise more funds, we auction items to our donors and to anyone who is interested with the items.

Provide them an integrated community program and housing that they can enjoy together with their families.

As of now, our program is based on the following plan

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